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Our prices

By booking your room directly with us at Manoir des Lacs, you are guaranteed the best rate available
You won't find a lower price anywhere else. 

We cherish our special relaship with our guests, wich allows us to tailor your stay to your preferences.
Booking directly ensures you receive personalized service, making your experience truly unique.


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Guest rooms

Prices may vary depending on the period.

A room : from €90 to €110 / night, breakfast included
Third person supplement : €20


Two rooms : from €180 to €220 / night, breakfast included


Three rooms : from €270 to €330 / night, breakfast included

The Guest Table

By reservation

€25  per person, we also offer local wines - not included.

The Manor

Only from mid-June to mid-September and from Saturday to Saturday

€2800 per week